"we live forthe momentsyou can't putinto words"

Behind a successful event planning firm there is -first and above all- a name and secondly a golden philosophy. For Live Love │The Event Maker, the first hears to the name Harilena Giatra… As for the philosophy, it is none other than the joy of the Live Love team to present the most original ideas of holistic event planning and, thus, the most successful conceptual events taking place in Athens where we are based, Mykonos where we specialize or, indeed, wherever the customer wishes without frontiers.

So, welcome to Live Love │The Event Maker. You are only a sole step away from discovering the right partner in your ‘quest’! The partner who will undertake the designing and implementing of an unforgettable, tailor-made event whether that is in Athens, in Mykonos or across Greece and the Greek islands or anywhere on earth you are dreaming of…

Event planner Harilena Giatra will take care of everything – the planning, the scenario creation, as well as, the coordination and the smooth running of all aspects pertaining to your social or corporate event.

“Just visualize and share your dream with us … An initial idea, a simple sketch, a picture, a feeling may well be enough in order to succeed in achieving perfection together for the wedding, the christening, the party, the corporate event in question”.

Live Love is known and appreciated for its outstanding ability in organizing luxury and bespoke events that exude indescribable creativity and charismatic identity – both of which ingredients resulting to the ultimate “wow!” factor from the part of the guests.

“We constantly and tirelessly evolve in researching on the latest trends, while at the same time we remain faithful to the basics of inspiration and the value of mounting experience”.


we like to lead beacause a LEADER never stops learning

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we like LUXURY because we have never seen elegance go out of style

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we LIKE to be on your side, by your side every step of the way